Living, Dining & Great Room


Living, Dining & Great-Room


Decorating a living room  is both a challenge and a reward, because I am creating a space that is relaxing and beautiful and yet has to fit the lifestyle of the individual.  Often there are heirloom pieces that must be incorporated into the design, and even multiple styles that seemingly don’t belong with each other,  but it is the job of the decorator to make it all work smoothly.  I’ve never yet met a decorating challenge that I have not succeeded at.

Transitional Apartment


This was a fun job, Creative and challenging. The woman who contracted me had a dilemma for me to sort out. First of all she had inherited some lovely chinoiserie (Chinese style) pieces from her mother. There was also a black and gold vintage wall unit. She had just purchased a large sectional sofa, and the greatest challenge of all; this is a basement apartment, the living room was formerly the rec room. It still had in place a field stone fireplace, and an upholstered bar the likes of which only James Bond could love. The landlord had just replaced all of the 1970’s wood paneling with drywall, except for behind James Bond’s bar, where the paneling was retained however sponge painted purple - a’la Debbie Travis, circa 1995.  The final requirement: The landlord would not allow us to paint anything.


Challenge Accepted!


This required the purchase of a few new pieces of furniture that would work to unite the multitude of styles, as well as carpets and custom draperies.

Concept Illustration:
Illustration © Derek Birch Interiors
Completed Living Room:
Photos by Kevin Howland. © Derek Birch Interiors

Transitional Great-Room


Transitional is the name given to a room which merges together 2 or more styles into one seamless work of beauty. In this case,  the arts and crafts style has been merged with modernism to create a room that is classic and contemporary all at once. Wouldn’t you like your family to congregate here?

Concept Illustration:
Illustration © Derek Birch Interiors

Man Cave



These are photos of my own eccentric eclectic artist loft. Vintage furniture, curios and lots of fine art. It’s like living in a museum of all the wonderful things I love.

Photos © Derek Birch Interiors

More Living Room Designs


Derek Birch Interiors has the talent and skill to work with any style to make your dreams become a reality.  Here are 2 more of my concept designs.

Traditional Style Concept Illustration:
Modernist Style Concept Illustration:
Illustrations © Derek Birch Interiors
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