Fine art


Trained at George Brown College, Angel Studios, and Sheridan College, Derek Birch is a fine artist who has exhibited his work in numerous shows across Toronto for over 20 years. Derek’s work has been featured in the Bloor West Art Tour, and the Dundas West arts Building Open House, many times.


Commissions are always greatly accepted; if you are looking for a classical portrait of your loved ones, that will stand the test of time, or something original to enhance your interior space, look no further.



Oil on Panel


This portrait was done using the traditional technique of the masters.  The use of rabbit skin glue, and traditional mediums ensure the archival quality of this painting. Like the renaissance and baroque classics, this painting will still look like this 500 years from now.


© Derek Birch Interiors


Self Portrait


Charcoal on Paper


The self-portrait is a classic tool of the artist.  This was done using a variety of hardnesses of charcoal.

© Derek Birch Interiors

Self in the City


Acrylic on Canvas  6’ x 2’


This painting represents the awe of being alone in a metropolis.


© Derek Birch Interiors

The Bath


Acrylic on Canvas


Feeling in the mood to really let loose wtih colour and shape, this painting happened.

© Derek Birch Interiors

Texture with Vermilion and Blue


Acrylic on Canvas


Experiment with texture


© Derek Birch Interiors



Acrylic on Canvas


Portrait of Lisa Gardiner on a purple throw.


© Derek Birch Interiors



Oil on Canvas


Portrait of Diewke De Haan.


© Derek Birch Interiors
© Copyright 2017 - Derek Birch Interiors

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