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G’night Johnboy


The inspiration of this retail project was to create a clothing store model that attracted the Generation X demographic. Studies show that Generation X can best be marketed to with the use of nostalgia. That said I wanted to create something that was both nostalgic and also fashion forward.


The result of this endeavour led to the creation of “G’night Johnboy”. Watch the embedded Youtube video I created for the client. Following that are some pages from the

Toronto Men’s Fashion Week


For three consecutive seasons of TOM, I was contracted as assistant to David White, the official interior designer for Toronto Men’s Fashion Week.  The design had to reflect the cosmopolitan landscape that epitomizes Toronto’s unique style and culture.  Set in the Art Deco spendour of Toronto’s College Park, our assignment for the winter 2016 season, was to create a vibrant runway,  a comfortable yet fashionable models’ lounge, a media lounge, and the VIP lounge, while maintaining a strong yet urban masculine

With commercial design that considers marketing, demographics and excellent design, you can attract the clientele that will bring the greatest success to your business.

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