Bedroom & Closet Organizing

Bedroom and Closet Organizing


The bedroom is the place where you spend one 3rd of your life. It is the relaxing atmosphere you go to sleep in,  and it is the cheerful place to wake up in. Make it special.

Modernist Bedroom


This bedroom, in a high rise condo in midtown Toronto has the sophistication you would expect to find with urban living. Raw concrete, dark wood and classic pieces create a relaxing oasis for an otherwise busy lifestyle.

Concept Illustration:
Illustration © Derek Birch Interiors

Walk-in Closet


Who does not dream of a walk in closet they can lose themselves in? An enclave of  exquisite elegance, with everything displayed, so that each morning feels like a trip to your own exclusive boutique. This is the effect I have created here.

Illustration © Derek Birch Interiors

Tiny Bedroom



No room is too small for Derek Birch Interiors.  This tiny bedroom was done after a quick colour consultation with Derek Birch Interiors. This room felt so small that I was sure the walls were closing in on me, but the sage green colour I recommended did a wonderful job in making the room seem bigger, brighter and more cheerful.  It is now a great place to be in, regardless of its tiny size.

Photo © Derek Birch Interiors
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Bedroom & Closet Organizing