Antique Restoration


With a lifelong background in antique restoration, and a formidable knowledge of antiques, Derek Birch Interiors has the ability to precisely identify the style of each piece of furniture. It can be restored to its original condition, by restoring its original finish, or refinishing it in a manner that is period specific to maintain the greatest value and historical integrity possible, or, it can be upgraded it to something up-to-the-minute and spectacular.

Edwardian Classical Dresser, circa 1930’s


This dresser is part of an entire bedroom suite that had been inherited from the clients Grandmother. The suite was in good physical shape, but the original finish was in sad shape.


A complete stripping and refinishing of the piece was necessary to restore its former glory.




Completed Restoration © Derek Birch Interiors

Canadiana Lecturn, circa 1840


This lectern came to me in an incomplete state. The lid and all of the original hardware were missing.  But the bones of it were amazing.  Legend has that this lectern was originally in a schoolhouse in Bruce County, and was made in the 1840’s.  It is clearly hand built and the dovetailing is superb.


I had to make a new lid for it; I used reclaimed lumber so that the patina would match. Special reproduction hinges and lock were used on the finished piece.


Completed Restoration © Derek Birch Interiors

United Empire Loyalist Chair, circa 1784


In 1784, after the end of the American Revolution, those who remained loyal to the King were offered the title of UEL, (United Empire Loyalist) and free land in Upper Canada. This was the beginning of what we now call the Province of Ontario. Those who came had to leave everything they had built for themselves in the newly formed United States of America, and begin again in Canada. This captain’s chair was built in Upper Canada, by a UEL, as one of the first pieces of furniture in this new province.


This is the original black, milk paint finish, which I kept intact, while I repaired a broken leg.  This chair is now museum quality.

Completed Restoration © Derek Birch Interiors

Federalist Occasional Table, circa 1870’s


This table is hand built of solid walnut, and the drawers are dove tailed. Tables like this were often used formally in the home as the place where the family bible was kept.


This piece had no finish left on the top at all, and the rest was in sad shape, but a little TLC and this table is a proud piece once again.

Completed Restoration © Derek Birch Interiors

Danish Modern Bookcase/Bar, circa 1960


Teak became synonymous with modernism during the 1950’s/60’s with Scandinavian classics like this.  Though the finish was tired when it was brought to me, I soon brought it back to beautiful original condition.


© Copyright 2017 - Derek Birch Interiors

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